Can I Get a Spare Car Key Made Without the Original?

It's amazing how much we rely on our cars in our daily lives. Losing or breaking your car key can be a huge hassle, especially if you don't have an extra one. But don't worry, it's possible to make a copy of your car key without the original one. Our mobile locksmith units are equipped with the machinery and the stock of keys we need to manufacture car keys in the place you indicate.

Plus, our renowned team of locksmith technicians has the necessary training and knowledge to provide these services. We can make car keys without the original key, but we will need proof of your identification and ownership of the car in question. Alternatively, you can visit our main retail facility in Dublin, California. Yes, you can get a replacement car key without the original one.

People lose their car keys all the time, so replacing a lost key is a relatively straightforward process. However, it can be expensive, depending on the type of key. It's also important to have the key identification number, which is usually found in the car's manual; however, it's not always mandatory information. Additionally, many used car buyers (especially car dealers) will pay more for a car that has at least two sets of keys or key rings that work.

If your car is more than five years old, you may be able to buy an aftermarket key fob at a locksmith or online. Technology has improved the safety and capabilities of car keys today, but the improvements come at a price. We have the materials and tools to make the keys while you wait with or without the original car key. When you contact a locksmith, you'll need to provide certain information to the company before they can replace your key.

Our goal is to be your go-to locksmith for any lock and key issues related to your home, business, or car. If you've lost all copies of the original key, an automotive locksmith may make a new one for you if you can provide them with the model and year and prove that you own the car (registration or title should suffice). Replacing the battery in the car key is as simple as opening it, finding out the type of battery and going to the store. An experienced locksmith will be able to make a spare car key for you even if you don't have the original one.

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