What to Do When You Lose the Original Key to Your Car: A Comprehensive Guide

Losing the original key to your car can be a stressful experience. But don't worry, there are a few options available to you. If you have a traditional key, a locksmith can make you a replacement key without the original one on the spot. If you have a more technologically advanced wrench, you'll likely need to have a tow truck take your car to a dealer and ask them for a replacement.

In some cases, your auto insurance policy may even cover it. At the dealership, replacing your car key may take a few days and the price will depend on the year and model of your car. The car key must be programmed for the vehicle to start; therefore, special tools and extensive programming knowledge are required to supply a spare key. Creating a hanging keychain next to the door or a keychain on a nearby table can be an easy way to ensure that you'll never lose your keys again.

The loss of car keys is common, but the price of losing them goes beyond a few dollars and a trip to the hardware store. A true expert in car keys has nothing to hide: each vehicle is different, but the job is practically the same, and locksmiths usually know what they will charge you for each key with a transponder or key fob. When used, drivers can unlock the car remotely and use a system of starter buttons to start the car, without needing to insert a key into the ignition to start the engine. An official car dealer is a good option for buying new keys, as they have the right equipment and knowledge to program the keychain of your new car, and you can rest assured knowing that you are going to buy a 100% factory OEM transponder key, not a cheap imitation. As a general rule, you would ultimately pay the local locksmith less than you would have paid at the dealership for the replacement key. The duplication of the keys is done with the help of special equipment that allows them to be duplicated by a professional and matched to the master keys. If your car is equipped with a start button and you have lost all the keys, an automotive locksmith will be able to generate a new one for you since you don't have to change any modules; this will generally cost less than what you would have paid at your local dealer and will not compromise the quality of work. If you've lost all copies of the original key, an automotive locksmith may make one for you if you can provide them with the model and year and prove that you own the car (registration or title should suffice).

There is no standard price for replacing a car key, especially considering all of the different types available today. If you've lost your key but still have the metal one, you can still get in and start it. Not many people like this solution because dealers usually charge more for their key rings and keys with transponder. If your car's key type is just a standard transponder key, then the technician will first need to restore the cuts on it. Policies that include a key cover usually allow you to request between 500 and 1000£ for spare keys depending on your coverage level. In conclusion, if you've lost your original car key there are several options available depending on your situation.

You can go to an automotive locksmith or dealership for help in replacing it. You may also be able to get coverage from your auto insurance policy if it includes key cover. No matter which option you choose, make sure that you take steps to prevent losing your keys in future.

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