Do I Need to Go to the Dealership for a Car Key Replacement?

If you're in need of a new car key, you may be wondering if you need to go to the dealership for a replacement. The answer is that you don't necessarily have to. While dealerships can provide you with a replacement key, they often charge a premium for their services and outsource the work to a locksmith. You can also consider going to a locksmith yourself, as they can provide you with a replacement keychain and razor-style key, as well as program transponders and controls.

Nowadays, car keys are not simple molded metal parts. They have coded technology to improve vehicle safety. Some keys have chips programmed to match those of the car, and other “keys” are nothing more than controls with minicomputers inside to start the car or open its doors. You might think that if you have a car with one of these special keys, you need to go to the dealership to learn about advanced technology.

But the best mobile locksmiths also have the technology to program any car key. They can replicate keys with chips and program transponders and controls. Getting a replacement key from your car dealership may work, but you could pay a lot more than if you had gone to a car locksmith. You may also need to replace the keys if your young child drops them in the garbage disposal, if they are accidentally thrown in the trash, or in any other situation. You may be interested to know if there is any way to get a replacement keychain without having to go to the dealer, if you want to save a little money this time. Imagine doing it with a more technical procedure, such as cutting a new car key or replacing a key with a transponder.

If you have a newer car or your original car key was a key fob, you may need to replace a smart key. A traveling car locksmith in Mesa who comes to your location and cuts the keys on the spot is much more practical than having to make an appointment with a dealer and wait for service. On top of that, an automotive locksmith can program your replacement key fob if that's the problem. A new key can be more expensive if you have a new car with an electronic key or other specialized key. However, many dealers increase the price of keys simply because they know that customers who need emergency assistance will pay whatever it takes to be able to drive again their cars. A standard keychain includes several buttons that perform a number of functions, from opening doors to starting the car or truck remotely. When the time comes, you may first think about calling the dealer where you purchased your car for a replacement kit. The worst way to end a long day of shopping or hiking is to return to your car and realize that you've lost your keys or that they don't work.

Fortunately, there are options available for getting replacement keys, whether it's from the dealer or from an independent locksmith.

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