How Much Does It Cost to Replace Your Car Keys?

Losing your car keys is never a fun experience, and you might find yourself in a situation where few dealers are willing to help you fix the problem and replace your car key. It's important to know how much a new car key will cost, as it will allow you to balance the best price and the best quality. The most basic keys are the most economical, while keyless entry remote controls can be extremely expensive to replace, especially if you have a luxury brand vehicle. Standard wrenches with cuts on the edge are the most cost-effective.

The cost of the cut will be only a few dollars. If you have a new key and remote control but you're missing one, there are ways to reprogram an unusable remote without having to go to the dealer. New keys are significantly cheaper for older cars, while many modern cars require specialized systems to unlock them without setting off alarms or interrupting security systems. When you need to manufacture a new key, the insurer will inform car dealers and locksmiths of the replacement cost. There are several ways that locksmiths can make a quick and easy copy of your car key without needing the original one.

By configuring the car in a specific mode and using a set of blank key rings, the locksmith can program the car to work with the vehicle in the same way as the original keys.The electronic key fob is more popular on newer car models, as it has buttons to lock and unlock the vehicle and the ignition key opens when starting the car. Most locksmiths can easily open the locks on your car and then remove the ignition; once that's done, they can make a new key. Therefore, if you lose the last transponder key, in addition to the prices mentioned above, a locksmith has to go to the place to program the car key (or you have to tow the car to the dealer) and program the key. As technology has allowed locksmiths to make ever smaller adjustments, they can now program keyless car keys. Cutting a car key to exact dimensions and programming the key fob to work properly requires expensive tools and programs.

Perhaps the most important reason an insurance company may not cover costs of replacing a car key is due to why you lost your key. Losing your car keys is never an enjoyable experience, but understanding how much it costs to replace them can help you make an informed decision about what type of replacement is best for your situation. Knowing how much it costs for a new car key will help you balance price and quality when making your decision.

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